PhD degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Beer Mendel Muether Correlation Effects of Primary Resonance Neutron Capture Ray in Heavy Nuclei
Bennett Gerald Muether Scattering In Forward Hemisphere of IGeV Protons on Deuterons
Hatch Dorian-Maurice Dresden Algebraic Aspects of Discreet Set of Infinite Spins
Johnson Joseph Dresden Extension of Poincare Algebra to Include Covariant Position Operators
Lone Muhammad Muether Slow Neutron Resonant and Non-Resonant Cappture in Tm169, Tm170
Marston Edwin Kao Study of Alfven Waves and Determination of Relaxation Times in Bismuth
Morganstern Ralph Chiu Atrophysical Consequences of Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravitation
Muriel Amador Dresden Projection Techniques in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Sutherland Bill Yang 2-D Model for Hydrogen-Bonded Crystals
Vawter Richard Dresden Bond Harmonic Oscillator Magnetic Properties of Enclosed Semiclassical Free-Electron Gas
Yarger Harold Lee-Franzini Determination of Neutral to Charged Branching Ratio for Eta Decay

Bachelor's degrees

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