PhD Degree  recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Albano Alfonso Dresden Non-Linear Realization of Lorentz Group
Chu Hao-Tsu Kao Oscillations Studies of Dilute Bismuth Antimony
Chungpeng Yang Contributions to Statistical Mechanisms on 1 and 2-D Systems
Garcia Narciso Kao Quantum Size Effect in Bismuth
Loveless Richard Lee-Franzini Sigma Hyperon Leptonic Decay Rates
Majumdar Debaprasad Lee, B Chiral Dynamics, Guage Fields, Elementary Particle Physics
McFadyen John Lee-Franzini Study of Lambda Leptonic Decay of Sigma Hyperon
Shapiro Charles Emery M1 Gamma-Ray Strength Functions for Deformed Nuclei
Strottman Daniel Brown Coexistence States in Ne20, Ne22, Mg24
Yen Edward Yang Contributions to High Energy Physics

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