PhD degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Abbud Fuad-Theodore Lee Radiative Corrections to Ks to 2 pi
Barouch Eytan Dresden Some Exact Solutions in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Bashian Allen Grannis Study of Exchange Forbidden Reactions
Cochavi Saadia Fossan Experimental Matrix Elements in Mass 90 Region
Diener Edward Paul Experimental Investigation f Radiative Proton Capture into Giant Diple Resonances in 40Ca, 62Cu, and 60Ni
Fischer Harris Kao Damped Radio Frequency Size EffectKirk, Wiley Kao 1970 Nuclear Antiferromagnetic Susceptibility in
Henson Sylvestus Fossan Experimental Study of Gamma Ray Transitions
Kirk Wiley Kao Nuclear Antiferromagnetic Susceptibility in Solid Helium 3
Kirschenbaum Jay Kao Microwave Studies of Superconducting Surface Sheath in Pure and Alloyed Lead
Marshall Alan deZafra Level Crossing Experiements in the OH Radical

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