PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Babu Suryadevara Brown Quasiparticle Interaction in Liquid 3He
Chen Shou Fong Dresden Yang-Mills Field and Its Applications
Coplan Leonard Dresden Solution of Elastic Ferromagnetic Model
Goldberg Malcolm Muether Effect of Strain During Irradiation on the Co60 gamma-ray
Hasslacher Brosl Freedman Investigation of Some Topics in Hadron Physics
Hayot Fernand Kayser Study of Regge Pole and Absorptive Cut Models in Meson-Baryon Scattering
Hochman Donald Dresden Scattering of High Energy Hadrons on Heavy Nuclei
Hsieh Yeh-Yu Kao Excitations and Ordering in Magnetic Insulators
Kenkre Vasudev Dresden Investigations into Response Theories of Statistical Mechanics
Lai Chun-Koa Yang Measurements of Viscosity and Phase-Separation Curve of Pressurized He3-He4 Phase Diagram
Lopez Charlie Dresden Phase Transition in Gases and Solids
David Dresden Field Theory on 1-D Magnetic Lattice
Moyer Curt Dresden Electric Field Effects in Quantum Domain
Rudolph Harvey McGrath Study of Charge Exchange Reactions on 54Fe, 58Ni and 60Ni

Bachelor degree recipients

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