PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Amann James Paul Electric Dipole Decay from Isobaric Analog States and Giant Resonances in Intermediate & Heavy Nuclei
Balakrishnan Bhaskar Freedman Some Aspects of Regge Theory and Inclusive Reactions
Bozler Hans Graf Proton Spin Lattice Relaxation in Highly Polarized Solid HD
Cheng Dunson Kao Spin Diffusion Coefficients of He3-He4 Solutions Under Pressure
Nancy Nathans Investigation of Lattice Dynamics of Zinc through Inelastic Neutron Scattering Intensities
Cowell Paul Lee-Franzini Branching Ratio
Estler William-Tyler Wilcox Interferometric Detrmination of Equation of State of Xenon Near Critical Point
Forman Miriam Simon Cosmic Rays in Interplanetary Space
Graves Robert Muether Capture and Fission Gamma Rays from Epithermal Neutron Irradiation of U-235
Hall Carol Dresden Studies of Systems with Competing Short-Range and Long-Range Interactions
Hall Thomas Dresden Defect Studies in Metals Using Positron Annihilation
Huang Chai-ho Graf Neutron Scattering by Rotons in Liquid Helium
Huang-Lin Lih-J. Arima Magnetic Moments and MI Transitions
Hyuga Hiroyuki Arima Nuclear Magnetic Moments and Exchange Currents
Jahn Min-Tien Kao Studies of Josephson Effect in Various Weak-Superconductor Systems
Johnson James McCoy Two Studies on 1-D Spin System
Kang Joo-Sang Lee, B.W. Two Topics on Meson Meson Scattering
Lee Shyh-Yuan Kuo Theory of Effective Interaction and Operators in
Michael Fossan Perturbed Angular Correlation Studies of Hyperfine Fields at Impurities in Ferromagnets
McDonald Joseph Fossan Investigations of Nuclear Electromagnetic Matrix Elements
Mikaelian Karnig Smith Weak and Electromagnetic Processes
Missimer John Brown Effect of Short Range Residual Interactions on Parity Violating Circular Polarized in Tantulum
Phinney (Stanko) Nanette Smith Trident Production in Coulomb Field
Roland Grannis Forward Differential Cross Section in pp to nn
Pratap Mahendra Smith W Boxon Production and Eta Decay
Richardson Michael Balazs On Network Model of Molecules and Solids
Ridgway Stephen Strom Study of Infra-Red Spectra of K-Giants
Servadio Sergio Yang Contributions to Statistical Mechanics
Shimizu Kiyotaka Arima Magnetic Moments and Beta Decay Rates of Light Nuclei
Sinclair Donald Freedman Ladder Exchange and Selected Topics in Dual-Resonance Model
Storer Jonathan Grannis Study of Backward pp Charge Exchange Scattering
Tang Sing-Hai Kao Critical Phenomena of Thermopower in Ferromagnets
Thompson Claude Unknown  
Thun Rudolf Kirz Spectrum of Neutral Meson System
Hung-Sheng Lee, B Broken Chiral Dynamics
Uy Zenaida Smith Weak Electromagnetic Decays of Neutral Kaons
Warman Jose Kao Josephson Effects in Granular Superconductors and Weak Llinks
Wheeler Gerald Lee Study of Isobaric Analog Resonances in Molybdenum Isotopes
Yang Shin-Nan Brown Three-Body Force in Triton

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