PhD Degree recipients

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First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Ciangaru Gheorghe McGrath Microscopic Analysis of the (6Li-6He)
Cooney Patrick McGrath Spectroscopy of 91,93,95Nb and 93,95Tc Via (3He,d) Reaction at 25MeV
Furman Daniel Blume Studies in Tricritical Phenomena
Goldstone Philip Paul Intermediate States in Fission of Actinide Nuclei
Harakeh Muhsin Paul Dipole Excitations in Light Nuclei
Hietarinta Jarmo Dresden Supersymmetry Generators of Arbitrary Spin
Hockert John Jackson Some Electromagnetic Properties of Deuteron
Hui John Allen Contributions of Anharmonicity and Electron-Phonon Interaction to Thermodynamics of Solids
Joglekar Satish Lee, B Topics in Guage Theories
Robert Grannis Study of Charged Multiplicities Associated with Large Transverse Momentum Photons
Krenciglowa Eugene Kuo Effective Operators and Folded Diagrams
Lao Quoc-Huy Chu Rayleigh-Brillouin Scattering in Gases and Binary Gaseous Mixtures
Keh-Fei Brown Nucleon Response with New Skyrme Interaction
Maciejko Romain Smith Corrections to the Goldberger-Treiman Relation in Unified Guage Field Model
Warren Allen Electronic Excitations in Nb and Mo
Righini Giovanna Simon 350 - Micron Photometry of Galactic Sources
Sander Christian Jackson Analytic Properties of Bound State Wave Functions
Stachnik Robert Simon  
Whittemore Anthony Sprouse Radiative Detection NMR Observations on Isometric Nuclear States
Will Robert Dresden Positron Annihilation in N-Component Systems
Young Lawrence Sprouse g-Factor Measurements of Isometric States Near Closed Shells

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