PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Michael Kuo Investigations of Convergence Effective Interaction Expansions and M1 Resonances in Pb208
Bhattacharya Ranjan Smith Cross Sections for Hadron and lepton Production Processes
Chen Fang-Chung Chu Studies of Dynamics of Macro-Molecules in Solution by Quasi-Elastic Light Scattering
Cohen Fred McLaughlin Transport of H+ Across Bi-Layer Membranes
Darby Desmond Smith Guage Models of Weak Interactions
Ayse Stell Approximate Methods in Critical Phenomena
Gessaman Donald McGrath Study of Spin Gap Isomers in 52Fe, 53Fe, 54Co
Glass Nathaniel Billello Theory of Lattice Dynamics of Model Crystals Containing Screw Dislocations
Jillie Don Kao Interactions Between Coupled Microbridge
Lin Juan Kahn Stability of Non-Linear Oscillatory Systems
Schamberger Robert Lee-Franzini Mass Spectrum of Proton-Proton Inelastic Interactions from 50 to 400 GeV/c at Small Momentum Transfer
Shroy Robert Fossan Coexistence of Spherical and Deformed States in Nuclei in the z=50 Region
William M. Shu, Frank The Finite, Uniformly Rotating, Gaseous Disk: A Stability Analysis
Tokunaga Alan Knacke High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Jupiter and Saturn at 10 and 20 Microns
Warasila Robert Schaeffer Mass Spectrometer Determinations of Solar Wing
Youngblood Robert Blume Neutron-Scattering Study of Short-Range Order in Copper Formaye Tetrahydrate
Yue Genevieve Blume Studies in Time-Dependent Correlation Functions

Bachelors degree recipients

Masters degree recipients

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