PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Banerjee Salil Blume Relaxation Effects on Mossbauer Line Shapes
Brown Joseph Graf Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Solid Hydrogen Deuteride at Very Low Temperatures
Yao-Huang Brown Variational Semiclassical Calculations of Nuclear Binding Energies Using Efffective Interactions
Das Ashoke Freedman Spin 3/2 Fields and Supergravity Theories
Gambardella Pascal Dresden Rigorous Results in Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics
Kazama Yoichi Yang Investigations on Theoretical High Energy Physics
Lin Yun-Chich (Jack) Sprouse Transverse Decoupling of Hyperfine Interactions in Highly Ionized Atoms
Ostebee Arnold Dresden Nonstandard Analysis and Rigorous Statistical Mechanics
Pei Shin-Shem
Lukens Properties of Thin-Film Superconducting Microbridges
Um Gregory Dresden Study of Renormalization Group Method in 1-D
Vermaseren Joseph Smith Topics in Supergravity and Particle Physics
Zaikowski Anthony Schaeffer Incorporation of Noble Gases During Synthesis and Equilibration of Serpentine: Implication for Meteoritical Noble Gas Abundances

Bachelors degree recipients

Masters degree recipients

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