PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Bletzacker Frank Nieh Current Investigations in Electron Positron Annihailation
Brody Arthur Engelmann Slow Proton Production and Neutron Diffraction Dissociation in 100 and 400 GeV/c fom Neutron Targets in
Cantor Sheldon Stoke Holographic Reconstruction of 3-D Sections of Crystals
Chatham Ralph deZafra New Iinvestigations of Nitrogen Laser Induced Fluorescence in Formaldehyde
Cizewski Jolie Lee Level Structure of 196pt and Interacting Boson Approximation
Dafni Ehud Sprouse Combined Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Interactions and Radiation Damage Effects
Durgut Metin Dresden Bound States of Two-Dimensional Quantum Chromodynamics
Fisk Randall McCarthy Hadron-Hadron Production at Large Transverse Momenta
Friman Bengt Brown Pions in Nuclear Matter; Neutrino Emissivities in Neutron Star Interiors
Umesh Fossan Collective Properties in Odd-Mass 119-133Cs Nuclei
Gurvitch Michael Strongin Transport Properties of Anomalous Systems
Hamm John McCoy Critical Phenomena of Inhomogeneous Using Models
John McGrath Deep Inelastic Collisions in Light Heavy-Ion Systems
Johnson Karl Kirz Anamalous Production of Direct Electrons in Proton-Proton Interactions at 10,15,24 GeV/c
Karkheck John Stell Study of Models in Kinetic Theory
Kung Chaw-Lung Kuo Effect of High Excitations in Core Polarization Diagram in Mass 18 Nuclei
Lebow Paul Metcalf Quantum Beat Measurements in OH Free Radical by Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Lee Tsung-Wen Lukens Intrinsic Fluctuations of Thin Film Microbridges
LoPinto Frank Engelmann Neutral Particle Production from 300 GeV/c Proton Proton Collisions in Fermilab 15 Foot Bubble Chamber
Maxwell Oren Brown Neutron Stars: Models and Colling
Salingaros Nikos Dresden Certain Algebraic Structures and their Applications to Physics
Sjoreen Terrence Fossan High-Spin States in the Odd-Mass 205,207,209,213 at Isotopes
Vaidya Hermant McCoy Reduced Density Matrix of Impenetrable Bosons in 1-D
Wirth Frederick Graf Concentration Susceptibility and Phase Diagram of He3-He4 Mixtures Near Tricritical Line
Young Erick Knacke Development of a Fabry-Perot Infrared Spectrometer and Observations of Molecular Hydrogen in the Orion Nebula

Bachelors degree recipients

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