PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Atkatz David Dresden Dynamical Method for Generating Gravitational Interaction
Kevin Brown Models for Response Functions in Normal Fermi Liquids
Chakraborty Bulbul Allen Influence of Thermal Disorder on Electronic Properties of Solids
Chowdhury Partha Fossan Collective Features of the 115 less than A less than 130 Nuclei
Fischler Mark van Nieuwenheizen Topics in Supergravity
Godbole Rohini Smith Particle Production in High-Energy Reactions
Howard William Kao Heterodyne Detection and Generation of Microwave Radiation by Super-conducting Microbridges
Jachcinski Christopher Braun-Munzinger Angular Correlation Studies of Intermediate Width Resonance in System 16012C
Kaplan Daniel Jostlein Resonant and Continuum Production of Massive Muon Pairs in 400 GeV Proton-Nucleon Collisions
Lasker Leslie Dresden Life Games:Statistical, Deterministic , Computer Approaches in Physics
Lee Keun-Myung Peterson A Study of P Cygni Stars
Liebowitz David Shevchik Angle Resolved Photoemission Studies from Ag(111) and Cu(111)
McCullagh Carol Muether Survey of Radiative Dipole Strength Functions
Norris Thomas Schaeffer Total Nitrogen Content of Deep Sea Basalts with Implications for the Origin of the Earth's Atmosphere
Patton Gail Peterson Helium Abundances in Young Clusters and Associations
Souza Steven Lutz Interstellar Diatomic Carbon and the Cygnus OB2 Association
Tuts Philip Michael Lee-Franzini Search for Rare Decay m e+g

Bachelors degree recipients

Masters degree recipients

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