PhD Degree recipient

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Akhoury Ratindranath Goldhaber Studies in Classical and Quantitative Field Theory
Appleby John F. Unknown Atmospheric Structures of the Giant Planets from Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Models
Applegate James Brown Supernova Theory
Dilger James McLaughlin Mechanism of Action of Proton Transport Across Membranes by Weak Acids
Feldman Mark Metcalf Level Crossing Measurement of 33p Fine Structure in Helium
Moshe Braun-Munzinger Study of Energy Dependence of Elastic/Inelastic/Scattering of 160 from 20Ne
Ganapathi Venkatesh Smith Trimuon Production in Muon Nucleon Collisions
Jun Jung-Hwan Brown Various Models in QCD
David Lloyd Grannis Large-pT mo Production at the ISR
Raab Frederic Metcalf Study of A2+Stte of OH Free Radical by Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Rafailovich Miriam Sprouse Moment of Dilute Fe Impurities in Metals as Determined with Recoil Implantation Method
James Serene Anisotropic Pairing in Neutron Stars and Liquid 3He
Ergin van Nieuwenheizen Studies in quantum (super) gravity
Shurpin Joseph Kuo Folded Diagram sd Shell Nuclear Structure Calculations with Paris Nuclion-Nucleon Potential
Sommars Steven Engelmann Study of Weak Neutrl and Charged Current Interactions in Deuterium
Sung Wokyung Stell Microscopic Theory of Transport in Dilute Suspensions and Solutions
Vicente Brown Chiral Pion Dynamics and Spherical Bags

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