PhD Degree recipient

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Adams Mark Grannis Event Topology of Anamalous e+e- Production in 17 GeV/c p-p Collisions
Alvarez-Gaume Luis Freedman Structure of Supersymmetric Non-Linear p-Models
Chu Yu-Hua Kuo Form Factors in (HI,HI') DirectReactions
E.Stephen Grannis Search for Charm Production in 17 GeV/c p-p Interactions
Fischer Jacqueline Simon H2 Emission in Molecular Clouds
Freeman William Paul Heavy Ion Ractions in Angular-Momentum-Unfavored Channels
Fung Ming-Kong Yang Some Topics in Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics
Gass Richard Dresden Interacting Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space-Time
Luk Ting-Shan Metcalf Quantum Beats in Photoionization Current
Mohan Mahalingam McCoy Studies on Exactly Solvable Spin Systems
Mukhi Sunil Sterman Topics in Ultraviolet/Infrared Properties of Perturbative Quantum Field Theory
Rivolo Arthur Yahil On the Dynamics of Galaxy Clustering
Ruth Ronald Courant Vertical Coherent Instabilities in Bunched Particle Beams
Salihoglu Selami McCoy Selected Studies in Statistical Mechanics and Field Theory
Samalam Vijay Serene Zero Sound Attentuation From Order Parameter Fluctuations in Liquid 3He
Schultz Cherie McCoy Commuting Transfer Matrices for Closed Colored String Model in 2-D
Stekas James Grannis Anamolous Electron Pair Production in 17 GeV/c p-p Collisions
Stern-Samalam Margaret Kao Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with Josephson Microbridges in Resonant Structure
Toller Gary Peterson A Study of Galactic Light, Extragalactic Light, and Galactic Structure Using Pioneer 10 Observations of Background Starlight
Wilschut Henricus Braun-Munzinger Intermediate Structure at 19.7 MeV in the 160+12C System

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