PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Berkowitz Gary Braun-Munzinger Sub-Barrier Fusion of Medium Mass Heavy Ions
Borde Arvind Dresden Singularities in Classical Space-Times
Castellani Leonardo van Nieuwenheizen Studies in Gravity and Supergravity
Chubb Scott Davenport Studies of Surface Electronic Structure Based on the Layer KKR Method
Cooperstein Jerry Brown Supernova Theory
Danehy Robert Unknown A Search for Minor Constituents in the Near-Infrared Spectra of Titan, Uranus and Neptune
Date Ghanashyam Sterman Factorization Theorems in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory
DiStefano Rosanne Dresden Hamiltonian Formalism and Supersymmetry
Jain Aloke Lukens Phase Locking in Externally Coupled Josephson Junction Arrays
Jog Chanda Solomon Two-Fluid Gravitational Instabilities in a Disk Galaxy
Kim Sungeun Unknown  
Neumann Lawrence Kao Phenomena in Coupled Superconducting Microbridges
Phatak Sudheer Dresden Critical Phenomena on Fractal Lattices
Richard Dresden Experimental Viability and Canonical Formulation of Extended Theories of Gravitation
Sagurton Michael Jona Angle-Resolved Photoemission from Cu(111)
Sanders Dave Solomon The Distribution of Molecular Clouds in the Galaxy - H_2 as a Major Component of the Interstellar Medium
Ashoke Sterman Asymptotic Behavior of Feynman Amplitudes in Gauge Theories
Tam Kok-Cheung Kuo Energy Independent Optical Potential and Inverse Scattering From Non-Local Potential
Windmeier Karen Dresden Studies of the Vacuum and Vacuum Energy
Wyant Patrick Balazs Some Simple Models for Climate Change
Zanelli Jorge Dresden Studies in Supersymmetry and Cosmology

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