PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Ainsworth Thomas Brown Nuclear and Neutron Matter Calculations with Isobars
Beaulac Timothy Allen Electron Phonon Effects and Transport in Transition Metals
Chattopadhyay Utpal Weisberger 2Loop Calculations of Decoupling in Unbroken Guage Theory with Ferminons
Chinn Yuen Dresden A Statistical KAC Ring Model with Three Colors
Coutrakon George McCarthy Hadron Identification at 200 GeV/c Using a Ring Imaging Cerenkov Detector
Fluckiger David-Ulrich deZafra Phase Fluctuation Absorption Spectroscopy of Small Particles
Ghosh Ranjan Shrock Topics in Electroweak and Grand Unified Theories
Gupte Neelima McCoy Universality Conditions for Lorenz Invariance of Deconfining Phase of Villain Guage Theory
Kolehmainen Karen Brown Surface Properties of Neutron-Rich Nuclei/Pion Condensation at Finite Temp
Li Yiu-Kim Graf Properties of Variable Thickness Microbridges
Malvido John Whitten Ab Initio Studies of Neutral Vacancy of Silicon
Martin Geoffrey Dresden Symplectic Geometry and the Inertial Principle
Vinod Brown Study of Nuclear Collective States, Specific Heat of Normal Liquid 3He
Khandker Brown Induced Interactions on Fermi Liquids
Rao Sumathi Shrock B-L Violation in Grand Unified Theories
Rarback Harvey Kirz Development of Scanning Soft x-ray Microscope
Sivertz Michael Good High Energy Photons in Decay of Upsilon
Sokolov Jonathan Jona Multilayer Relaxation on Surfaces
Spencer Lee Good Beta Decay of the B Meson
Tsai Jaw-Shen Lukens Comparison of Voltages Between 2 Josephson Junctions
Wandel Amri Yahil  Self-Consistent Spherical
Accretion and Models of Quasars

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