PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Auerbach Assa Kivelson The Path Decomposition Expansion and Multidimensional Tunneling
Barber James Shrock Magnetic Monopoles in 4D U(1) Lattice Gauge Theory and Possible Supersymmetric Contributions to the Decay
Baron Edward Brown The Equation of State and General Relativity in Supernovae
Chang Lit-Deh Chakravarty Dissipative Quantum Tunneling
Dutta April Archie Studies of the Melting Curve of Polarized 3He
Fernandez-Labastida Jose Sterman Studies in Field Theory
Freifelder Richard Braun-Munzinger Fusion and Fission Studies for the System 32S+238U
Giraldo Jose Unknown Dynamic Spin Correlation Functions of the XYZ Chain at Infinite Temperature: A Study Based on Moments (Anisotropic Heisenberg, Time Correlations, One Dimension, Growth Order) 
Henry McCarthy Ratios of Single Hadrons Produced at High Transverse Momentum in 400 GeV/c Proton-Nucleon Collision
Jain Jainendra Allen Electronic Excitations in Semi-Conductor Superlattices
Kenney John Kirz Elemental Analysis Using a Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope
Klopfenstein Christopher Lee-Franzini Radiative Decays of the T Meson
Meissner Ulf Brown Description of Nuclear Phenomena in the Skyrme Model
Meltzer David Brown Spin Waves and Spin Relaxation in Normal Fermi Liquids
Ng Kim-Kwee Good Electromagnetic Torques and Alignment of Neutron Stars
Valenzuela Gregory Smith Multilepton Production in Neutrino Interactions and Proton-Antiproton Collisions
Wirzba Andreas Brown Vacuum Polarization Effects in Effective Low-Energy Chiral Theories and Isobar Excitation in Pion-Nucleus
Yang Dong-Hai Metcalf Measurement of the Fine Structure in 3P Helium

Bachelors degree recipients

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