PhD Degree recipient

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Arian Yair Dresden Lattice Gauge Theory
Evrard August Yahil Dark Matter and Dynamics of Galexy Clustering
Dubravko Brown Interplay of Quarks and Meson Degrees of Freedon in Some Models of Hadrons
Ko Lee-Fen Dresden Correlation Functions of the Ising Model and the Eight Vertex Model
Manivannan Kandiah McCoy The n-Point Order and Disorder Critical Correlations of the 2-D Ising Model
McNicholl Patrick Metcalf Spectral and Temporal Studies of Interference Narrowing at Sodium Stark-Rydberg Crossings
Pernici Mario van Nieuwenheizen On Supersymmetric and Supergravity Theories
Roberts Lee Smith Theoretical Topics in Particle Physics
Daniel Dresden Studies in Lattice Guage Theory
Roldan Jose McCoy Synamic Spin Correlation Functions of the XYZ Chain at Infinite Temperature
Rolston Steven Sprouse Delayed Resonance Fluorescence: A Technique for Optical Measurements of Nuclear Moments
Schwartz Daniel Lukens Effect of Damping Upon Macroscopic Tunneling
Sen Bidyut Archie High Fluid Specific Heat of Liquid He-3 and Studies in Submillimeter SQUIDS
Sen Tanaji Dresden Lie Symmetries and Integrability
Singh Rajivranjan Chakravarty Critical Behaviour of an Ising Spin-Glass
So Sung-Leung Metcalf Laser-Cooling and Trapping of Neutral Atoms
Stern Eric Marx A Determination of Sin2qw Using a Measurement of Neutrino and Antineutrino Proton Elastic Scattering
Tepikian Steven Courant Spin Transfer Matrix Formulation and Snake Resonances for Polarized Proton Beams
Van de Ven Anton Rocek The Background Field Method in Guage Theories and Non-Linear Sigma Models
Velasco Eduardo Rocek Topics in Field Theory
Vepstas Linas Goldhaber Casimir Effects in the Chiral Bag Model
Wagener Richard Caldwell  Ultraviolet Observations of
Jupiter and Uranus
Wills Peter Rocek Studies in Supersymmetry, Supergravity and Lattice Gauge Supergravity and Lattice Gauge Theory

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