PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Cornelius Fossan High Spin Spectroscopy in the gamma-soft mass at about = 130 Region
Dutt Samir Dresden Studies in Higher Derivative Gravitation
Eastaugh Alexander van Nieuwenheizen Topics in supergravity and string theory
Galicki Krzysztof Rocek Supersymmetric sigma-Models and Quaternionic Geometry
Haas Tobias Perk Generalizations of the Hard Hexagon Model
Paul Dresden Chaos and Dynamics of the Universe
Hamann Fred Simon The Circumstellar Envelopes of Young Stellar Objects and Emission Line Stars
Jaffe David McCarthy High Transverse Momentum Hadron Productions in 400, 800 GeV/C Proton-Nucleus Collisions
Kahana David Brown Baryon States in the Chiral Bag
Kohring Gregory Shrock Studies of Lattice Spin Models and Their Critical Behavior
Kong Xiang Pen Perk Wave-Vector Dependent Susceptibility of 2-D Ising Model
Lee Kang-Seok Brown Role of Strangeness in Hadronization of Quark-Gluon Plasma
Lin Yi-P Hanson A Spectroscopic Study of Molecularity Doped Polymer Films
McCorkle S Unknown  
Milana Joseph Sterman Two Studies in GCD
Muratore Joseph Frank Carlton Ultrasonic Spectroscopy of Inhomogeneous Media
Keith Knacke Carbon Monoxide and Disequilibrium Dynamics in Jupiter and Saturn
Ramanan S.V. Dresden Regular and Irregular Motion in a Quantum System
Rim Chai Ho Weisberger Ultraviolet behavior in 1/N expansion of asymptotic free theory
Leslie Solomon CO and IRAS FIR Emission in Interacting Galaxies
Sauvageau Joseph Lukens Phase Locking in Disturbed Arrays of Josephson Juncitions
Rainer Braun-Munzinger Fusion Studies with Electrostatic Deflector
Sen Subrata Paul Giant Resonance in Highly Excited Nuclei
Thomas Dean Smith QCD Corrections to w Boson Production
Wenbing Kirz Contributions to Diffractive Images and Diffractive Optics
Zhang Shoucheng van Nieuwenheizen Studies on quantum field theory & statistical mechanics

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