PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Appell David Sterman Numerical Studies in Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
Bowlin James Goldhaber Topics in Theoretical Physics
Brooke Thomas Knacke Near-Infrared Polarimetry and Spectroscopy of Comets
Buscher Thomas Rocek Topics in D=2 Sigma Models
Jacobsen Chris Kirz Development of X-ray Holographic Microscopy of Biological Specimens
Jaramillo Mauricio deZafra Chlorine Monoxide in the Antarctic
Tina Lee-Franzini High P Hadron-Nucleus Scattering
Lee Su Houng Hansson Excursion in QCD
Alberto van Nieuwenheizen Studies in String Theory
Montani Joseph Lukens Precision Positioning Devices for Superconducting Microcircuit Lithographic Fabrication Processes
Carlos Brown Model for Magnetic Equation of State of Liquid 3He
Thoennessen Michael Paul Giant Dipole Resonance in Highly Excited Pb and Th Nuclei
Yang Bing-Xin Kirz Soft X-ray EXAFS Studies of Gases and Liquids at the Oxygen K-Edge

Bachelor degree recipients

MSI degree recipients Masters degree recipients

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