PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Behnke Ties Finocchiaro D0 Central Drift Chamger Design, Construction, Testing
Botts James Sterman Hard Elastic Scattering in QCD
Carrington Margaret Yamagishi Two Theoretical Treatments of the Quark
Ceresole Anna van Nieuwenheizen Studies in Conformal Field Theories,Bosonization
Cheng Xiaodong Yang Hydration and Solvent Struct in Proteins
Feldman Hume Smith Dynamics of Scalar Field in the PreInflationary Phase
Figueroa Jose Rocek BRST Cohomology and Its Application to 2-D Conformal Field Theory
Gordon Michael McGrath Light Charged Particle Interferometry in the Reaction 16O+27A1
Heyer Jeffrey Kuo Microscopic Equations of State Calculations
Ilachinski Andrew Dresden Computer Exploration of Self-Organization in Discrete Complex Systems
Kastella Keith Sterman High P Hadron-Cucleus Scattering
Kim Hyung-J. Freedman Solution Dynamics in Smoluchowski Picture
Li Xiao-ping Allen Properties of Liquid Arsenic; A Theoretical Study
Page Dany Brown Neutron Star Cooling
Pizzochero Pierre Brown Analytic Studies in Nuclear Astrophysics
Tang Shuang McCoy Commuting Transfer Matrices for N State Chiral Potts Models and Algebraic Curves of Genus Higher than 1
Varughese Cherian Weisberger Off Shell Amplitudes in String Theory
Vogt Ramona Prakash Chamonium Interactions with Hadronic Matter
Wu Weikang Kivelson Effective Low Energy Theory of Conducting Polymers
Yuen Chuklam Thomas Scattering of Surf Acoustic Wave at Mat'l Boundary

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