PhD Degree recipients

Harald Kirz Development of Scanning Photo-Emission Microscope
Albertini Giusippe McCoy Superintegrable Chiral Potts Chain
Chen Wen-Ping Simon Near-Infrared Milliarcsecond Observations by the Lunar Occulation Technique
Das Jayani Sprouse Nuclear Moments & Charge Radii of Neutron Deficient Isot of Ytterbriem
DelDuca Vittorio Sterman Studies in Field Theory
Delius Gustav van Nieuwenheizen Generalizations of Wess-Zumino-Witten model in 2-D
Figueirido Francisco Rocek Topics in Theoretical Physics
Guryan Christopher Stephens Icosahedral Struct of Al-Li-Cu,Al-Cu-Ru, Al-Cu-Fe Alloys
Kimura Takashi Rocek BRST Cohomology Poisson Reduction
Lauritsen Torben Sprouse Search for Laser Induced Nuclear Orientation in 120Ba
Lieberman David Metcalf Transition Rates of Rubidium Stark
Lovelock Dale Lee-Franzini Fine Structure of Upsilon 2P States
Ma Ruimei Fossan Rotational Properties of the N=75 isotones in the A=135 mass region
Magnea Lorenzo Sterman On the Ifrared Collinear Structure of Guage Theory
Ramos Eduardo Rocek Algebra of Diffeomorphisms of n-Torus and Quantum Field Theory
Schecker Jay Sprouse Studies of Stable and Unstable Hafnium Isotopes
Shang Zhigang Wu Biophysical Studies of Xenopas Tasceription
Sheehy Brian Metcalf Laser Cooling and Magnetic Laser Colling of Rubidium
Waters Laurie Stachel Energy Flow in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions at AGS Exp E814
Wei Jie Courant Longitudinal Dynamics of Non-adiabatic Regime on Alternating Gradient Synchrotrons
Welke Gerd Brown Dynamics of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Woronick Steven Kao X-ray Studies of Thin Films & Interfaces
Xu Nu Fossan High-spin Spectroscopy for N=78 Isotones in A=130 region

Bachelor degree recipients

Masters degree recipients

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