PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Adami Christoph Zahed Aspects of matter under extreme conditions
Amiry Ali Balazs Clusters in Random Media
Aufderheide Maurice Brown Studies in Nuclear Astrophysics of type II Supernovae
Bastianelli Fiorenzo van Nieuwenheizen Studies in Quan Field Theory/String Theory
Chuang Ti Metcalf Laser Cooling of Metastable Helium
Collins Graham Weisberger Studies in Strong Theory
David Gabor Braun-Munzinger Global observables in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Eng Peter Stephens 2-D ordering kinetics: Pb on Mi
Fournier Sophie see Stout, Sophie
Griffith Caitlin Owen Investigations of titan's tropopavse and surface and Jupiter's great red spot w/infrared observations
Hatsuda Machiko Siegel Studies of Guage Theory
Heintz Ulrich Lee-Franzini Sequential decays of the v
Jing Ze Whitten Studies of Metal & Semiconductor Recivities
Kim Yong Ha Fox, J. The Jovian Ionosphere
Leung To Chi Stephens Study of S/Si, Si/SiO2 and MOS
Liang Yun Fossan Shape coexistence in transitional nuclei in A=120 mass region
Liu Yi Dilger Study of acetylcholine receptor channel kinetics using rapid perfusion of agonists
Mallison William deZafra Fabrication and testing of supercond tunnel junctions for S15 mixers operating at 265-280GHz
McNulty Ian Kirz x-ray Fourier transform holographic microscopy
Mei Jishan Davenport Appl of embedded atom method and many body pertb. theory
Narain Meenakshi Lee-Franzini Inclusive Photon Spectra from Upsilon Decays
Pizzuto Domenico Engelmann Operational Char of D0 Central Tracking Chamber
Sauer Benjamin Koch Microwave Ionization of Hydrogen Rydberg Atoms
Shang Song-Quan Metcalf Sub-Doppler laser cooling of rubidium
Skaf Munir Stell Stat mechanics of microemulsion systems
Stout Brian Kuo Double Beta Decay & Finite Temp Theories
Stout Sophie Metcalf Non resonant multiphoton ionization of magnesium
Wan Kelin Lukens High frequency wave sources using Josephason arrays
Wang Yu-juin Davenport Cluster Calculations of the electronic Structure

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