PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Abada Abdessamed Shrock Studies in Quantum Field Theory
Ahn Changhyan Rocek Extended Conformal Symmetry in 2-D Quantum Field Theory
Althoff Jeffrey Allen Techniques for Determining Phase Diagrams of Elements
Coriano Claudio Sterman Studies on Strong Interactions
Dasmahapatra Srinandan McCoy Completeness Studies in Chiral Potts Model
Galassi Mark Rocek 1st Appl of Regge Calculus in 3+1 Numberical Relativity
Eric Smith Studies in Phenominol & Theoret Aspects of Perturbative QCD
Li Hsiang-nan Sterman Perturbative Hadron Form Factors with Sudokov Suppression
Llope William Braun-Munzinger Dissociation of relativistic nuclei
Luo Ma Sterman Anormalous huclear dependence in deeply ineleatic scattering & photoproduction
Mandrus David Mihaly Infrared Transmission & Break-Juntion Tunneling Studies of High Temp Superconductors
Montag James Weisberger Field Theory Limit in Superstring Perturbation Theory
Mooney Thomas Solomon The Origin of the Far-Infrared Emission from Galactic Molecular Clouds
Muthuswamy Moorthy Braun-Munzinger Projectile Fragmentation in High Energy Nuclear Collisions
Parwani Rajesh Rocek Escapades in Theoretical Physics
Ren Xuemin Wizloposki Proton Activation in Medical Physics and Tissue Elemental Analysis
Resat Haluk Friedman Static and Dynamic Dielectric Properties of Moedl Polar Molecular Fluids
Sanborn Barbara Allen Electron Interactions and Transport in Doped Semiconductors and Metals
Su Bo Goldman Single-electron Tunneling in nanometer double-barrier heterstructure devices
Thorsson Vesteinn Zahed Two topics in nuclear physics
Tian Di Jona Epitaxy of thin films
Umino Yasuo Brown Structure of hyperon resonance
Venugopalan Rajagopal Prakash Space-time evolution of matter in ultra relativistic nuclear collisions
Wan Zhimin Anderson Ion-Molecule reaction dynamics and application to collisions of alkali ions with fullerens
Weiss Christian Jackson Chiral symmetry restoration in effective lagrangian models
Willins John Lee-Franzini Inclusive B Meson Semileptonic Decay
Yoakum Suzanne Koch Microwave excitation of helium rydberg atoms

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