PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Belkhir Lotfi Jain Topics in Correlated Electron Systems
Bi Baokang Lukens Dev & Appl of Josephson Junctions as Submillimeter Wave Sources
Chan Lie-Ping Lynn (BNL) Positron Annihilation Studies of Elect Structure of select hi-temp cuprate/organ.superconductors
Cochran James Rijssenbeek Search for truth in the eu channel at D-zero
Coker David Korepin Exactly sol models, QED, porous media
Dev Goutam Jain Study of strongly correlated elect system in 2-D high magnetic fields
Essler Fabian Siegel Nonperturbative Aspects of Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems
Gupta Rajeev Metcalf Novel schemes for sub-doppler laser cooling of rubidium
Haffmans Alfons Koch Two-frequency ionization of hydrogen atoms, experiment&theory
Terry McCarthy Electrons in D0 Central Calorimeter
Hong Soon-Tae Brown Strangeness in Chiral Bag Model
David Lissauer Planetesimal Dynamics in the Vicinity of a Growing Protoplanet
Kedem Rinat McCoy Thermodynamics in Low Temp Spectrum of 3-State Potts Model
Kendziora Christopher Mihaly Doping Studies in hi temp superconductors
Lakshminarayan Arulmar Balazs Studies in Quantum Maps
Lapointe Jean Lukens Study of barrier crossing in a macroscopic double-well potential
Liang Jun-Jian Lee Quasi elastic reaction in 32S+92,98,100 MO & 93Nb at energies near Colomb barrier
Montoya Carlos Paul Internal Pair Decay of Giant Resonance
Padua Sebastian Metcalf Laser Cooling and Slowing of Rudidium
Razzaghe-Ashrafi Babak van Nieuwenheizen Ground State Structure of Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory
Riemersma Stephan Smith Deep Inelastic Heavy Flavor Electroproduction
Ritman James Paul Double gamma decay of electromagnetic ally excited double grant dipole resonance in 208Pb
Ryan Robert Metcalf 2 photon spectroscopy as a measure of diode laser
Swesty Frank Lattimer The Physics of Core Collapse Supernovae
Williams Eric Korepin Studies in Quantum Integriable Models
Jaehoon McCarthy Determination of the Bighson strong coupling constant using wtjets processes in the D0 detector

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