PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Abriola Daniel McGrath Energy dependent structure in elastic, inelastic, and transfer channels in the 16 O + 16 O System
(now Schadmand)
Susan Paul Internal pair decay of giant resonances in hot 200Pb
Bergeman Uwe Stephens Nuclear Resonant Scattering Using Synchrotron Radiation
Chakraborty Dhiman Engelmann Search for tt electron +Et+jets signature in pp collisions with D0 detector
Emmons Louisa deZafra Measurement and analysis of polar stratospheric CIO and N2O by ground-based mm-wave spectroscopy
Fajardo-Acosta Sergio Knacke Infrared Observations of Circumstellar Disks of Beta Pictoris Analogs
Fineman Brian McGrath Studies of heavy composite nucleus decay using pre-residue light charged particle measurements
Gan Ning McGrath High energy photon prod mechanisms in low energy heavy ion reactions
Gelderloos Carl Alexander Characterization of Charged Particle Emission in Heavy Ion Reactions
Hao Jifa Kuo Hyperon-nucleon effective interactions derived from modern mesonic exchange potentials
Hofman David Paul Giant dipole resonance stud of sission dynamics
Kim Byung Bae Rocek Complex structures, duality & WZW models in extended superspace
Koller Daniel Mihaly Thin film studies of doped carbon-60
Alexander Shrock Studies of quark masses and mixing and supersymmetric field theory
Lafosse Dennis Fossan Nucl struct studies of Z=51 Sb nuclei
Landsberg Greg Grannis Test of standard model of electroweak interactions by measuring anomalous ZZ and Z couplings
Lindaas Steven Jacobsen X-ray gabor holography using a scanning force microscope
Sergio Smith Phenomenological Studies in Collider Physics (W Boson, Heavy Quarks)
Murray Diana Kahn Computational aspects of normal form perturbation expansions
Paterno Marc Jung Search for Squarks & Gluinos in pp Collilsions at s+1.8 TeV with D0 Dectector
Ray Subhankar McCoy Bethe Ansatz Study of Fateev-Zamolodchikov Model
Schultz Werner Allen Electronic Structure and Transport in Metals and Metallic Oxides
Shu Fang Schoenborn Cloning, Expression and Deuteration of Sperm Whale Myoglobin and its Solvent Structures
Sotiropoulos Michael Sterman Studies on Exclusive Hadronic Processes
Joey William Rijssenbeek Search for the Top Quark in the Muon + Jets Channel at D0
Waring Martin Fossan Structural Diversity in Iodine Isotopes: Comparison with Model Calculations (Gamma Spectroscopy)
Wettig Tilo Jackson Condensate Franctions of Strongly Interacting Bose Systems

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