PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Adler Stephen Engelmann In search of rare kaon decay k+ to pi +
Alvero Lyndon Sterman Applications of Resummed Perturbative QCD (Dileptons)
Bao Zenlei Lukens Dev & charact of deep-submicron Nb/A10IxNb trilayer josephesen junctions
Bellermann Mark Koch Polarization dependence in microwave ionization of excited hydrogen atoms
Dee James Stachel Baryon Distributions in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions
Marya Metcalf Effect of quantum mechanics momentum in laser cooling
Gao Yu Solomon Dense Molecular Gas in Galaxies and the Evolution of Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Gasparakis Charidimos Siegel Studies in Field Theory (Duality Symmetry, String Theory)
Gerald Sprouse Laser trapping of radioactive atoms
Brian Smith Theoretical and Phenomenological Aspects of Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
Hong Byungsik Braun-Munzinger Kaon Production Near Zero Transverse Momentum in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Zhi-Yu McCarthy Measurement of transverse momentum distribution of Z bosons with the D0 detector
Kacir Mourad Zahed Hadrons in vacuum and matter
Kim Won Lee-Franzini Detecting the F( At The Daphne Phi-Factory
Ko Cheng-Hao Kirz Development of a Second Generation Scanning Photoemission Microscope at the National Synchrotron Light Source
Leung Chin-Mong Davenport Structural & electronic properties of 3rd transition-metal monoxides
Li Zibang Kuo Investig of nucl effects on small-x Drell-Your process and nucl effective interaction for unbound state
Lin Jiunn-Yuan Gurvitch Studies of irradiation on YBCO
Magnea Ulrika Shrock Studies in Field Theory & Statistical Mechanics
Michael Mihaly Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Single Crystal C60 and Thin Film Alkal: Doped C60
Peeters Bastiaan Siegel Path integration in curved space & extended self-dual supergravity
Ramey Roland Balazs An Invariant Measure of Chaos in Bianchi Cosmologies
Rubinov Paul Finocchiaro Center of mass angular distribution of direct photons...observed with D) dector
Shindell Drew deZafra Model/Meas comparisons of chlorine and ozone chem in polar stratosphere
Slowik Donald Peterson Absolute Magnitudes and Colors of A and F Supergiants from Near Infrared Features
Snyder Scott Grannis Measurement of top quark mass at D0
Tse Teddy Stephens Synchrotron Radiation Studies of Growth on Surfaces (Tentative)
Uglov Denis Korepin Infinite Dimensional Symmetries in Solvable Models of Statistical Mechanics
Widmer Mark Metcalf Measurements of 1-D quantized motion in laser cooled metastable helium
Wu Xiao-Guang Jain Studies of Composite Fermions in Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
Xie Chuan Metcalf Kinetic Effects of Laser Light on Rubidium
Zhang Xiaodong Kirz Development & applications of quantitative x-ray microscopy with chemical sensitivity
Zhang Yingchao Stachel Transv energy dist, global event shapes, flow studey in untra-relativ heavy ion collision

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