PhD Degree  recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Chatterjee Rupak Jackson Investigations of intergradable and chaotic billiard systems in classical mechanics
Chernyshev Sergey Zahed Heavy Hadrons in Instanton Medium
Hu Ting Engelmann Measurement of production & muonic decay rate of W and Z and extraction of width of W in pp in collisions at sqrt{s}=1.8TeV atD-zero
Ivanov-Tanev Ivan Rocek Exact solutions from quantum groups to hyperkahler metrices
Kidonakis Nikolaos Smith QCD Resummation and Heavy Quark Cross Sections
Li Hailin Jung Measurement of W production cross section times branching ratio W tau, nu and test of lepton universality at sqrt{s}=1.8TeV
Mahon John Lee Quasi Elastic Proton Transfer and Fusion Reaction Cross Sections in 97 Cl & 92,98,100Nb Systems at Energies Near the Columb Barrier
Mancinelli Paul Yahil The Large-Scale Density Field and Predicted Peculiar Velocity Field
Maslov Sergey Bak External models of growth and evolution
Matveev Victor Shrock Properties of spin models for complex temperature and magnetic field
Nadgorny Boris Gurvitch Josephson junctions and digital high-Tc circuits
Leonid Goldman Study of Integer and fractional quantum hall effect
Rouse Richard Lukens Macroscopic quantum phenomena in an rf SQUID
Shamanna Jayalakshmi Kuo Equation of state for asymmetric nuclear matter
Shokhor Sergey Gurvitch Josephson junctions by e-beam writing
Kostas van Nieuwenheizen Perturbative quantum field theory in 1,2,&4 dimensions
Stevens Gerald Metcalf Stark Spectroscopy of Lithium Rydberg Atoms
Tyurin Eugene Rocek Studies in non-abelian t-duality
Walker Barry DiMauro 1 & 2 electron ionization of atoms by strong laser field
Wolk Scott Walter Watching the Stars go Round and Round
Zhang Wen-Xing Lukens Development of high power submillimeter Josephson array asillator
Zhong Zhong Stephens Bent laue crystal monochromator for producing areal x-ray beams
Zou Chuan-Ming Braun-Munzinger Measurement of Inclusive photon production in 10.8 AGeV/c Au+Au Collisions

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