PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Bardas Athanassios Averin Dynamics of multiple Andreev reflections in mesoscopic superconducting structures
Brunello Andrea Farrelly Classical and quantum dynamics of rydberg electrons and Bose-Einstein condensates in rotating frames
Cahn Sidney Slater Creating Quantum Coherences
Caraley Anne McGrath High Temperature Heavy-Ion Fusion-Evaporation Reactions: Evidence for Dynamical Effects
Chang Wen-Chen Stachel The Azimuthally Anisotropic Flow of Transverse energy and Protons and Pions in 10.8 A GeV/c Au + Au Collisions at AGS
Chen Ruby Likharev Single-Electron Transistors for Digital Circuit Applications
Chen Wei Engelmann Isolated prompt double photon production in pp collisions at s=1.8 TeV with the D0 dector
Ding Jianzhong Sweet Crystal structure study of human alenovirus protease with its 11 amino-acid cofactor
Jaroslav Allen Vibrations in C60  and amorphous silicon
Gripp Jurgen Orozco Evolution of the Vacuum Rabi Sidebands in a Bistable Optical Cavity
Hung Chi Ming Shuryak Hydrodynamical modelling of relativistic heavy ion collisions
Imam Hasan Averin Inelastic electron transport and noise in mesocopic structures
Johnson Stephen Hemmick Light fragment formation in 11.5 GeV/c per nucleon Au+Au collisions
Kamilla Rajiv Jain Composite Fermions: Physics of Two-Dimensional Electron Systems Under Strong Magnetic Fields
Kwon Youngil Stachel Antiparticle Production from Au + Au Collisions at AGS Energy
Lin Zhen Grollman,Carlos de los Sa Solution structure determination of DNA containing a bsic site by NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics similarities
Matsuoka Kenji Likharev Numerical Modeling of Single-Electron Arrays
Guilherme Allen Structural properties and electronic structure of crystalline silver haeides
Orrick William McCoy Integrability and nonintegrability in stat mech and 1+1 dimentional quantum field theory
Panitkin Sergey Braun-Munzinger Measurements of Two-Proton Correlations in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Piazza Timothy Hemmick Proton and Pion Distributions from Au + Au Collisions at 10.8 A GeV/c
Mark Hemmick Transverse Momentum Distributions and Azimuthally anisotropic Flow of Protons, Pions and Kaons from Au + Au Collisions at 11.5 GeV/c
Qiu Xu Joe BenZvi Studies of High Brightness Electron Beams at the Accelerator Test Facility
Ren Baorui Dilmanian A bent lave-lave monochromator for a synchrotron based monochromatic computed tomography system
Rylakov Alexander Likharev Ultra-Low-Power RSFQ Devices & Digital Autocorrelation of Noise-Like Signals
Schilling Anne McCoy Bose-Fermi Identities and Bailey Flows in Statistical Mechanics and Conformal Field Theory
Spector Steven Jacobsen Diffractive Optics for Soft X-Rays
Steele James Zahed Master Formula Approach to Pions & Nucleons with Applications to Dileptons
Vaska Paul Fossan High-Spin Studies of Light Odd-Mass indium Nuclei
Velkovska Julia McGrath Quasi-fission reaction dynamics
Velkovsky Momchil Shuryak The Role of the Instantons for the QCD Phase Transitions
Waldron Andrew van Nieuwenheizen Aspects of Quantum field Theory
Xu Fei Sprouse Ultraviolet Laser Spectroscopy of Radioactive Bismuth Isotopes

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