PhD Degree recipients

Last Name First Name Advisor ThesisTitle
Bendele Goetz Stephens Buckminsterfullerene: Charge State, Dimerization, and Polymerization
Deus Steffen Lukens High-Power Josephson Array Oscillators for Terahertz Frequencies
Flees Daniel Lukens Experimental Studies of Band-Structure Properties in Bloch Transistors
Gonzalez-Rey Francisco Rocek Calculations in Quantum N = 2 Superspace
Halasz Miklos-Adam Verbaarschot Applications of Random Matrix Theory in QCD
Jin Zhongmin Kirz X-ray Structure of Recombinant Equine Infectious Anaemia Virus Capsid Protein p26
Ilari Goldman Quantum Antidots in Quantum Hall
Matiounine Youri Smith Heavy Quark Production
Mielke Stephen Orozco Intensity correlations and dynamical processes in cavity quantum electronics
Reddy Sanjay Prakash Neutrinos From Protoneutron Stars: A Probe of Hot and Dense Matter
Jeffrey Fossan Study of Collective Rotational Behavior in the Z = 52, subscript 115,116 Te, and Z = 54, subscript 116,118 Xe, Nuclides
Simsarian Jesse Orozco Laser Spectroscopy and Lifetime Meaurements on Trapped Francium
Tsai Shan-Ho Shrock "Studies on the Ground State Entropy of the Potts Antiferromagnet
Yuxin Steve Jacobsen Three-Dimensional Imaging in Soft X-ray Microcopy

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