PhD Degrees Awarded
Last Name First Name Advisor Thesis Title
An Penghui Lattimer Neutron Star Atmospher and Spectra Analysis
Bellanca Mary Josephine Metcalf Sub-recoil laser cooling of Metastable Helium
Brown David Mihaly Computational Methods Applied to Superconducting Current Problems
Hsiao-wen Lanzetta Studies of Galaxies Giving Rise to QSO Absorption Systems and Observations of the High-red Shift Universe
Chung Paul Yoon Chum McGrath Strange Particle Production and Flow in 2,4,6 and 8 A GeV Au + Au Collisions
Foster Gregory Orozco Correlation Measurements as a Probe of Fluctuations and Dynamics of Optical Fields
Horner Lenore Goldhaber Moderate Impurity Densities for 2D Electrons in Strong Magnetic Fields
Jianzhong Stephens Crystal Structure of prp18c and p32
Miao Jianwei Kirz Extending the Methodology of X-ray Crystallography to Non-Crystalline Specimens
Oderda Gianluca Sterman Studies in QCD Resonnation
Osborn James Verbaarschot On the Validity of Chiral Random Matrix Theory in Studying the QCD Dirac Operator
Schalm Koenraad Siegel String theory in curved space-time
Sener Melih Verbaarschot Universality in Random Matrix Models of Quantum Chromodynamics
Shaw Nathan Paul High Energy Gamma-Rays from Highly Excited Meitnerium
Son Joong-Kon Mendez Optical Properties of Semiconductor Microcavities
Vongpaseuth Thongbay Hemmick Two Particle Correlations in Au + Au Collisions at 11.5 GeV/c
Weiser Harold Siegel Gravitational Anomalies and Other Topics
Williams Martin Metcalf Measurement of the Bichromatic Force and Other High Intensity Laser Cooling of Rubidium
Zheng Wei Lukens Coloumb Blockade in Resistively Isolated Tunnel Junctions

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