PhD Degrees Awarded
Last Name First Name Advisor Thesis Title
Beck Tracy Simon Observational Investigations of Observed Young Stars
Burward-Hoy Jane Jacak Transverse Momentum Distributions of Identified Hadrons in 130 GeV Au-Au Collisions
Chepelev Iouri van Nieuwenhuizen Noncommutative Aspects of String Theory
Chi Felix Metcalf A New Method of Velocimetry by Recoil Induced Resonances
Chiara Christopher Fossan Nuclear Structure in Neutron-Deficient Z~50 Nuclei: The Shears Mechanism in 109/48 Cd and 108-110/49 In
Chuvakin Anton Smith Heavy Quark Production in Variable Flavor Number Schemes
Kunal Bergeman Theoretical Studies of Bose-Einstein Condensate
Hack Jeffery Metcalf Laser Cooling in the Recoil Domain
Kopytine Mikhail Jacak Hadron Single- and Multiparticle Measurements to Search for Phase Transitions in Ultrarelativistic PB+PB Collisions
Kulik Yaroslav Grannis W-mass Measurement at the D0
LaFon Robert DiMauro Electron-Ion Coincidence Study of the Non-Sequential Double Ionization of Helium
Litvintsev Andrei van Nieuwenhuizen New Results for Quantum Bosonic and Supersymmetric Kinks
Patel Vijay Lukens Current Transport in Nb/ALOx/Nb Josephson Junctions with High Barrier Transparancies
Perebeinos Vasili Allen Polaronic Effects in CMR Systems
Roiban Radu Rocek Advances in Noncummutative Field Theories and String Dualities
Smedley John Srinivasan-Rao & Ben-Zvi The Physics of the Pulsed Power Gun
Tang Chun Mei Rijssenbeek Some Topics in Physics: PP2PP, DFT Revisited and Transition Crossing in RHIC
Teaney Derek Shuryak Collective Flow in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Vaman Diana van Nieuwenhuizen Supergravity on ADS Spaces: The Kaluza-Klein Program, the ADS/OFT Correspondence & Branes
Yahata Noriaki Lanzetta Properties of Distant Galaxies and QSD Absorption Line Systems: A Deep Multi-Color Imaging Survey of the Early Universe

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