PhD Degrees Awarded
Last Name First Name Advisor Thesis Title
Bogner Scott Kuo Low Momentum Nucleon-Nucleon Potentials and Effective Interactions in Nuclei
Cashen Matthew Metcalf Optical Forces on Atoms in Polychromatic Light Fields
Chang Shu-Chiuan Shrock Exact Results on q-State Potts Model Partition Functions
Corradini Olindo Kakushadze Topics in Brane World and Quantum Field Theory
Costa-Santos Ruben McCoy Dimers and the Ising Model on Higher Genus Lattices
Dickerson James Mendez Rabi Splitting Enhancement in Semiconductor Microcavities
Faccioli Pietro Shuryak Instantons and and Hadronic Form Factors
Feser Michael Kirz Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy with a Segmented Detector
Garcia-Garcia Antonio Verbaarschot Novel Applications of Critical Statistics in Disordered System and Quantum Chaos
Grossman Joshua Orozco Spectroscopy of Trapped Francium
Jaikumar Prashanth Zahed Electroweak Probes of Dense Quark Matter
Kim Jinyoung Serena Walter Low Mass Star Formation in the Gum Nebula
Kulik Bogdan Rocek Brane Dynamics
Lin Yiping Mendez Magnetotunneling of Electron-hole Systems
Mauger Christopher Jung Nc Pi super o production at ...discrimination using atmospheric neutrons at Super-Kamiokande
Mocioiu Irina Shrock Topics in Neutrino Oscillations, Phenomenology of Non-Commutative Field Theories and CPT Violation
Patwa Abid Rijssenbeek The Forward Preshower System and a Study of the J/psi Trigger with the D0 Detector
Rivera Eugenio Lissauer Dynamical Evolution of the Earth-Moon
Schwenk Achim Brown Renormalization Group Approach to the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction and the Nuclear Many-Body Problem
Sharkey Eric Jung A Measurement of the Oscillation of Neutrinos in the Mode nu mu->nu x Using Accelerator Produced Neutrinos
Stein Aaron Jacobsen Focusing Optics for Soft and Hard Xrays: Fabrication, Replication, and Simulations
Steiner Andrew Prakash Equation of State and Neutrino Interactions in Neutron Star Matter with Quarks
Wu Juhao L.H. Yu Coherent X-ray Production by Cascading Stages of a High-Gain Harmonic Generation Free-Electron Laser

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