PhD Degrees Awarded
Last Name First Name Advisor Thesis Title
Anguelova Lilia Rocek Special Holonomy Spaces in Supergravity and Stong/M-theory
Aubin Seth Orozco Efficient Trapping of Francium for Parity Violation Measurements
Bacarian Tigran Dilmanian Design of a Compact High Output X-ray Source for Radiography Applications
Berger Carola Sterman Soft Gluon Exponentiation and Resummation
Biswas Tirthabir Siegel Extra Dimensions in High Energy Physics: Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking
Camino Fernando Mendez Shot-noise measurements as a probe to study semiconductor devices
Cardona Javier Peggs Linear and non-linear studies at RHIC: interaction regions and optical design of the RCMS
Chen Yiing-Rei Allen Theory of Two Perovskite Solid State Systems
Clatterbuck Todd Dimauro High Harmonic Generation from Delta N Intense Mid-Infrared Light Source
Huq Ashfia Stephens Structure & Properties of Alkali Fullerides and Structure Solution from Powder Diffraction
Iglesias Alberto van Nieuwenhuizen Cosmological constant problem and Brane World
Jia Jiangyong Drees Charged Hadron transverse momentum spectra at RHIC
Kaplan Daniel Likharev Charge Transfer in Tunnel-Junction Arrays
Klein Bertram Verbaarschot Universality in Random Matrix Theory and the Phase Diagram of QCD
Koike Takeshi Fossan Systematic search of h11/2xh/11/2 chiral doublet bands and role of triaxiality in odd-odd Z=55 isotopes
Langfelder Peter Rocek Studies in Gravity Localization on Branes and De Sitter/CFT Correspondence
Lee Chi-Lun Stell The Statistical Mechanics of Several Hamiltonian Models
Malek Matthew Jung A search for supernova relic neutrinos
Mannik Jaan Lukens Quasiparticle Poisoning in Charge Qubits
Moura Filipe Rocek Quantum corrections to supergravity theories
Reiner Joseph Orozco Conditional measurements in cavity QED: from quantum feedback to cold atoms
Rudati Juana DiMauro A study of strong field double ionization of rare gases
Schultz Kevin Koch Resonances in H atoms in Collinear Linearly Polarized Microwave and Static Fields
Sherry William Walter The young low-mass population of Orion's Belt
Smith Wade Orozco Quantum Feedback in a Cavity QED System
Stojic Natasa Davenport Density Functional Calculations on Uranium (001) Surface
Vaa Corrie Koch Ray Splitting in Microwave Cavity Billiards
Welsh Keith Reinstein Design of a Portable Accelerator Based Neutron Service for Local Radiation Treatment of Cancer
Wilson John Koch Polarization Dependence in the Microwave Ionization of Hydrogen at High Scaler Frequencies
Zala Gabor Aleiner Interaction effects in low-dimensional disordered systems

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