Jainendra Jain

Jainendra Jain did his PhD at SUNY Stony Brook under the supervision of Prof. Philip B. Allen.  After two years as a post-doc at the University of Maryland (with Sankar Das Sarma) and a year at Yale (with A. D. Stone), he came back to Stony Brook in 1989 as Assistant Professor.  He discovered a beautiful reinterpretation and generalization of the Laughlin wavefunctions for the fractional quantum Hall effect.  This reinterpretation is called "composite Fermions."  This concept enables the integer and fractional quantum Hall effects to be unified, and leads to predictions which have been experimentally confirmed in many labs, especially at Stony Brook in the lab of Prof. Vladimir Goldman.  In 1998 he left Stony Brook to accept the Erwin Mueller chair in the Department of Physics at Penn State University.

Last Updated: September 6, 1999