Department of Physics and Astronomy
Alumni Reunion Meeting 2000

The meeting Physics and Astronomy at the Millennium was held on campus June 16-18, 2000.  Approximately 100 alumni attended.  There were 14 invited talks, mostly by alumni, supplemented by talks from some of the younger members of the faculty.  The talks were outstanding and gave an inspiring view of the current state of research.  Click here for the program of the meeting.

Various people took photos.  Sent by: Paul Cowell  and by Vasili Perebeinos.

Below are a few photos from the many taken by Pam Burris and Bob Segnini.

Opening session in the SAC auditorium.
Front row: Jainendra Jain, Daniil Kaplan.

Saturday morning plenary session.  Kostya
Likharev speaking, C. N. Yang, chair.

Former faculty member Joe Serene, and
former Department Chair Gene Sprouse.

Lynn (Copel) Elzweig (BS, 1964), Ed
McCullough (B.S. 1964), and Pam Burris

Carolyn Porco (BS, 1974) and Deane

Henry Glass (Ph.D., 1985), Janos Kirz, and
former faculty member Chris Quigg.
Betty and Gerry Brown doing the tango.
Phil Allen and Maurice Goldhaber

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