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Most of the files are in pdf format. Some of the documents are more than one page long, and scrolling down is needed to get full view. Here is how to search for your name in the pdf files:
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Teaching assignments Committees Chair's Colloquium talks
2012 Spring
2011 Fall
2011 Spring
2010 Fall
2010 Spring
2009 Fall
2009 Spring
2008 Fall
2011 (Mihaly)
2010 (Mihaly)
2009 (Mihaly)
2008 (Koch)
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Committee reports and other docs:

November, 2010: P&A plan submitted to the CAS
October, 2010: Final report of the Strategic Planning Committee - executive summary
October, 2010: Final report of the Strategic Planning Committee
August, 2010: Charge to the Committee on Joint Appointments in Accelerator Physics
July, 2010: Interim report of the Strategic Planning Committee
July, 2010: Charge to the Quality of Life Committee
March, 2010: Charge to the Committee on Joint Appointments
February, 2010: Charge to the Strategic Planning Committee
November, 2009: Report of the Long Range Planning Committee
August, 2009: Letter to HR about recommended RA salaries
January, 2004: Computational Facilities
December 2003: Adjunct Professors

From the Dean, Provost, President, e.t.c.

Export Control Policies (slides from Susan Gasparo's presentation on 1/4/2011)
Policy on financial transactions with students
Guidelines for outside consulting work
International travel policy
Responding to student disruptions
Instructional Responsibilities
2008 Dean: Undergraduate Colleges


What does a Project Staff Assistant do? See Dawn Huether's slides
Documents about the ranking of the Department.
Advice to junior faculty about graduate students
Research budget: graduate student salaries
Advice to BNL researchers
Ethics page

Graduate Program (slides from faculty meetings)

March, 2009
February, 2009
September, 2008
March, 2008
December, 2004

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