Colloquium Schedule Fall 2000

Last updated on 12/08/00

Date Speaker Tentative Topic Institution
12-Sep. Janos Kirz Chair Colloquium SUNYSB
19-Sep. Eric Adelberger New tests of Einstein's equivalence principle and Newton's inverse square law Univ. of Washington
26-Sep. Dava Sobel Galileo's Daughter
3-Oct. Jerome Swartz Sir R.R. Shaw Lecture "Physics, Technology, and Business" Symbol Technologies, Inc.
10-Oct. Jacobus Verbaarschot The Ubiquity of Random Matrix Theory SUNYSB
17-Oct. Ken Heller Hunting the tau neutrino U. Minnesota
24-Oct. Eric Cornell What does it mean to 'twist' a gas? JILA U. Colorado
31-Oct. Frank Avignone ORLaND: Oak Ridge Laboratory for Neutrino Detectors Univ. of South Carolina
7-Nov. Linn Mollenauer Backbone of the all optical terabit terrestrial network: dispersion-managed solitons in Raman amplified fibers. Bell Labs
14-Nov. Fred Walter Isolated neutron Stars SUNYSB
21-Nov. Nandor Balazs Professor Planck's Christmas present SUNYSB
28-Nov. Alexander van Oudenaarden Intrinsic Noise in Gene Regulatory Networks MIT
5-Dec. Axel Drees At the Dawn of a New Era in Heavy Ion Physics, first Results from RHIC SUNYSB
12-Dec. Lyman Page Cosmic Background Radiation Princeton