Colloquium Schedule Fall 2001

All talks are at 4:15 PM at Harriman 137, with refreshments starting at 3:45 PM

Last updated on 12/04/01

Date Speaker Tentative Topic Institution
4-Sep. Janos Kirz/Jack Marburger Chair Colloquium: Chair's Introduction and New Accelerator Initiatives at BNL SUNYSB
11-Sep. Alexei Tsvelik quasi-1D physics BNL
18-Sep. Rosh Hashanah
25-Sep. Jacqueline Van Gorkom Clusters of Galaxies Columbia
2-Oct. Steven Rolston Atom Optics NIST
9-Oct. Daniel Greenberger Multi-particle States and the Superposition Principle City College of CUNY
16-Oct. Steven Girvin Charge-e Josephson(-like) Effect in Two-Dimensional Electron Gases Yale
23-Oct. Lee Roberts Recent news from the vacuum? The Muon g-2 Experiment at Brookhaven. Boston University
30-Oct. Louis DiMauro Laser-Atom Interaction at Extremes: A Classical Perspective BNL and SUNYSB
6-Nov. Steve Dierker Using Coherent X-rays to Probe Dynamics: Why we need a PERL at Brookhaven BNL and SUNYSB
13-Nov. David Ho Sir R. R. Shaw lecture: HIV Pathogenesis and Implications for Treatment Rockefeller U.
20-Nov. (Thanksgiving break)
27-Nov. Robert Park The Seven Warning Signs of Voodoo Science U. Maryland, AIP
4-Dec. Ralph Wijers Theory of Gamma Ray Bursters and Hypernova Explosions SUNYSB
11-Dec. Eugene Beier SNO and the Solar Neutrino Problem U. Penn