Colloquium Schedule Spring 2001

Last updated on 03/30/01

Date Speaker Tentative Topic Institution
30-Jan. László Forró Carbon nanotubes: From production to applications EPF Laussane
6-Feb. Luis A. Orozco Wave Particle Correlations of Non-Classical Light SUNYSB
13-Feb. Thomas Trefzger Standard Model Physics at LEP LMU Muenchen
20-Feb. James Lukens The Josephson Effect -- From Schroedinger's Cat to Quantum Computers SUNYSB
27-Feb. Steven O. Smith Structural Biology: At the interface of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. SUNYSB
6-Mar. Steven L. Rolston Non-Linear Atom Optics NIST
13-Mar. Hans Weidenmueller Recent results in Random Matrix Theory Max Planck, Heidelberg
20-Mar. Spring Break
27-Mar. Mark Sutton Intensity Fluctuation Spectroscopy Using Coherent X-RAYS McGill University
3-Apr. Andrea Ghez Observing the Fastest moving stars in Our Galaxy: Evidence for a Supermassive Black Hole UCLA
10-Apr. Thomas Ullrich Results from the STAR experiment at RHIC Yale
17-Apr. Philip Bucksbaum Quantum Sculpting U. Michigan
24-Apr. Gordon Garmire The Chandra X-ray Observatory observations of the Hubble Deep Field -North Region. U. Penn
1-May Harry L. Swinney Emergence and Evolution of Patterns in Nonequilibrium Systems U. Texas at Austin
8-May Robert Pohl Lattice vibrations of disordered solids. Cornell