Colloquium Schedule Spring 2003

Last updated on February 26, 2003;   David Fossan, Michael Rijssenbeek, George Sterman

Time: Tuesdays 4:15pm; refreshments starting 3:50pm
Place: P-137 (Harriman Hall)

Directions to Stony Brook: Visiting Stony Brook, LaGuardia Airport Road Map, Ferries, Campus Map (Physics: C-4)

Date Speaker Title Institution
22-Jan Classes begin    
28-Jan Subir Sachev, mail "Order and Quantum Phase Transitions in the Cuprate Superconductors" Yale, Applied Physics 
04-Feb Steve Peggs, mail "Proton Therapy and Proton Imaging" BNL CAD, Accelerator physics, and Stony Brook
11-Feb Steve Simon, mail "The  Unexpected  Physics in Modern  Wireless  Communication :  Replicas, Diffusons, and Supersymmetry for Fun and Profit" Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs
18-Feb Michael Creutz, mail "Lattice Gauge Calculations: Accomplishments and Status" BNL, SciDAC, Stony Brook
25-Feb Carlos Simmerling, mail Simulations of Protein Folding State University of NY, Chemistry Dept
04-Mar Andrew Strominger, mail "de Sitter Space, Anti-de Sitter Space and Black Holes" Harvard University
11-Mar P. Gregers Hansen, mail "Direct Reactions with Fast Radioactive Beams: a New Way to Test the Fundamentals of the Shell Model" NSCL, and MSU, Physics and Astronomy
18-Mar Spring Break    
25-Mar Michael Martin, mail "Physics, Biology, Forensics, Environmental Remediation and Coherence:
The Present and Future of Synchrotron Infrared Science
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Advanced Light Source
01-Apr Murray Gell-Mann Sir Run Run Shaw Lecture: "Simplicity vs. Complexity, Regularity vs. Randomness" Santa Fe Institute
08-Apr John Hobbs, mail "Run 2 Results from Dě" State University of NY at Stony Brook
15-Apr Passover    
22-Apr Kostya Likharev, mail "CMOL: A Concept for Nanoelectronics" State University of NY at Stony Brook, Nano technology 
29-Apr Seth Lloyd, mail "So you've built a quantum computer --- now what are you going to do with it?" MIT, Research Lab of Electronics
06-May Robert McKeown, mail "KamLAND: Neutrinos from Heaven and Earth" Caltech