Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Schedule

All talks will be held at 4:15 pm in Harriman Hall. Cookies and coffee will be served starting at 3:45.

Spring Semester 1999
Feb 2 Martin C. Gutzwiller, IBM The Moon-Earth-Sun System
Feb 9 Chris Adami, California Institute of Technology The "Artificial Life" Road to Complex Adaptive Systems Abstract
Feb 16 Ken Lanzetta, Stony Brook Galaxies in the Very Distant Universe
Feb 23 Laura Greene, Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Tunneling in High-Temperature Superconductors: Spectroscopy of Broken Symmetries Abstract
Mar 2 Elliott Lieb, Mathematics Department, Princeton University The stability of matter: From the hydrogen atom to QED Abstract
Mar 9 Douglas Stone, Yale University Classical and Wave Chaos in Asymmetric Optical Resonant Cavities Abstract
Mar 16 Charles Clark, NIST, Gaitherburg, MD The Designer Supergas Abstract
Mar 23 No Colloquium - - APS Centennial Meeting  
April 6 Jonathan Bagger, Johns Hopkins University The Microphysical Origin of Mass Abstract
April 13 Daniel Tsui(Nobel Laureate), Princeton University

(Sir Run Run Shaw Lecture)

A Solid State Physics Journey: From Bloch States and Anderson Localization to the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
April 20 Myriam Sarachik, CUNY An Unexpected Conducting Phase in Two Dimensions Abstract
April 27 Manuel Cardona, Max Planck Institut, Stuttgart. Crystals with different isotopic compositions: from solid state to nuclear physics
May 4 Graduate Student Achievement Recognition, with remarks by C.N. Yang Prof Yang's title will be "Remarks on Developments in Physics."
Fall Semester 1998 Colloquium Schedule

Spring Semester 1998 Colloquium Schedule