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    Recorded Movies for the Colloquium

(1) Install VLC  and use rtsp://  to see the streaming video.  The settings are:

          rtsp://   e.g. doe-050217 (lower-case).

         Instructions:  VLC Media Player -> Media -> Open Network Stream . . .

                                 VLC on smart phones:  Choose Stream -> type rtsp://www. . . /test (2 minutes video).


      Notes: For others, there are chair-091316, awards-050217, etc.

       VLC is an open-source program for the Window, Mac and Linux systems. It is available from,


(2) Clickable movies links if they appear on the Colloquium page (Use Firefox - ESR) :

    Notes: Firefox Add-on plugin for VLC is available.  It is an open-source module, use it at your own risks.

    (a)  Prior to the end of Spring 2012, the web-links [recorded movies] require QuickTime player on your machines.

    (b)  If they appear after Fall 2012, you would need the following versions of Firefox to watch the movies,

            (i) Firefox ESR,   (ii) Firefox (developer version),  or  (iii)  Nightly  (the future generation of Firefox)-not recommended.

    (A) Introduction:  Due to the heighten awareness in the security issues, many plugins are blocked, unless they are

                             signed and certified by Firefox.  These usually involve certification fees and yearly maintenance fees.

    (B) Installation:   If you are using Firefox-ESR, the web plugin is already there.  See (d) below to verify it.

         Notes:  This special version Firefox-ESR  (Extended Support Release) is supposed to last only for a year.

         Follow the procedures below, if you are using the above specified versions of Firefox,

          (a) get the plugin, VLC web plugin.

          (b) open a Firefox webpage, type at the web address:  about:config (you would get a warning).

          (c) search for "xpinstall",  double clicks at the line "xpinstall.signatures.required", it will toggle from true to false.

          (d) click at the Menu (top right corner), select "Add-ons" --> Plugins.

          (e) click at a "cog-wheel" image, select "Add-on from file ..", and use the VLC web plugin.

          (f) restart Firefox,  (reset to "true" in the step c if needed).

    (C) Install VLC, get the file from the web address shown above.

    (D) A test movies file running on a Firefox - ESR version,

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