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Discovery of muon neutrinos transforming to electron neutrinos  
The international T2K collaboration announced a definitive observation of muon neutrino to electron neutrino transformation at the European Physical Society (EPS) meeting in Stockholm. P&A faculty member Professor Chang Kee Jung is international co-spokesperson for the experiment that involves over 400 physicists from 59 institutions in 11 countries. Other Stony Brook participants include Professor Clark McGrew, Reserch Professor Chiaki Yanagisawa, postdocs James Imber, Jeanine Adam, and Jose Palomino, and graduate students Karin Gilje, Joshua Hignight, Jay Jo and Xiaoyue Li. A key component of the experiment, the pi-zero detector, has been built in Stony Brook.

Neutrinos are very light elementary particles that come in 3 different variations. "Neutrino oscillation" means that one variant changes over to another one and back. Studying the oscillations is important for our understanding of the Standard Model. Ultimately, these experiments may help to answer a really fundamental question: Why is that we have an overwhelming amount of matter and a relatively small amount of anti-matter in our Universe?

In the T2K experiment a 30-GeV particle accelerator is used to produce a beam of neutrinos at the J-PARC facility on the East coast of Japan. The beam travels 183 miles through the Earth with a speed close to the speed of light, and it is detected and analyzed at another facility close to the West coast. See more at:
the home page of the T2K experiment, especially this pdf file with pictures and technical details
the Stony Brook press release
the EPS meeting home page


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