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Professor Jack Smith participates at the 2013 Physics Nobel Prize Ceremony.  
Professor Jack Smith (YITP) participated at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm on December 8, when Francois Englert and Peter Higgs received the award from the Swedish King. They received the Prize for predicting the existence of the "Higgs boson", that has recently been discovered at CERN in Geneva by a team of scientists, including our High Energy Experimental Group . Here is a link to the Nobel WEB site with a photo of Peter Higgs accepting the Prize.

Jack and his wife Elsebeth were members of the "team Higgs" delegation, which included Peter Higgs' relatives, former students and collaborators. They participated at an evening concert, scientific lectures at the University of Stockholm, a luncheon at the British Embassy and finally the award ceremony itself. Jack met several other Nobel laureates, including Gerald 'tHooft, David Gross, Frank Wilczek and Carlo Rubbia. In his words: "It was a wonderful if exhausting week". See more here.

Jack was Higgs' first research student at Edinburgh University. He went on to a distinguished career in particle theory. He played an important role in laying the groundwork for the discovery of the Higgs boson: He wrote two papers on this subject with over 500 citations each, and many other papers with well over 100 citations each.

Jack is the third P&A faculty member to be honored by an invitation to the Nobel ceremony, an acknowledgement of a significant contribution to the Nobel-Prize-winning discovery. In 1997 Hal Metcalf was in Stockholm when the Nobel Prize was awarded for laser cooling. In 1999 Peter van Nieuwenhuizen was similarly invited to attend the ceremony honoring Martin Veltman and 'tHooft.


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