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Lukasz Fidkowski received a Sloan Fellowship  
Lukasz Fidkowski recevied a 2015 Sloan Research Fellowship. He is one of the 126 recipients this year; 24 of the Fellowships were awarded in Physics, see here.

Lukasz was selected for his research in theoretical condensed matter physics. In particular, he developed a classification of topological phases in one dimension, he carried out a calculation of the entanglement spectrum of topological insulators and superconductors, and he suggested the existence of the Majorana zero modes in one-dimensional quantum wires. His discoveries extend and deepen our current understanding of the ordered states of matter and help uncover new properties of matter. Some of these properties may have useful applications, such as encoding quantum information, making it possible to use them as the building blocks of a quantum computer.

Lukasz joined Stony Brook in 2013. He received his BS in mathematics from Harvard University in 2001 and PhD in physics from Stanford University in 2007. He was a postdoctoral scholar at the California Institute of Technology and a researcher at Microsoft's Station Q, a research lab focused on studies of topological quantum computing. He has made important contributions to the field of topological insulators. - See more at: here

Stony Brook faculty won 69 Fellowships since 1961. More than a third of those (28) was awarded to Physics and Astronomy faculty:

Sasha Abanov (2001), Igor Aleiner (1998), Phil Allen (1973), Adam Burrows (1985), Sudip Chakravarty (1982), Daniel M. Davis (1988), Rouven Essig (2013), Daniel Freedman (1969), Vladimir Goldman (1989) Paul Grannis (1968), Terence Hwa (1995), Andrew Jackson (1971), Jainendra Jain (1991), Zurab Kakushadze (2001), Janos Kirz (1970), Steve Kivelson (1984), Jim Lattimer (1982), Ben Lee (1963), Jack Lissauer (1987), Barry McCoy (1973), Peter Paul (1967), Chris Quigg (1974), Frank Shu (1972), Gene Sprouse (1972), Johanna Stachel (1986), Stephen Strom (1970), Derek Teany (2008).


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