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Paper led by Mathew Madhavacheril and Neelima Sehgal selected as an Editor's Suggestion in Phys. Rev. Letters.  
A paper led by Neelima Sehgal and her graduate student Mathew Madhavacheril for the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACTPol) Collaboration has just been published in PRL and it was selected as an Editor's Suggestion. It is also featured in with a Viewpoint article in Physics (dated April 13).

The collaboration studied the effects of gravitational lensing on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The data were collected by the ACTpol telescope, operating in the Chilean Atacama Desert. They measured, statistically, distortions in the CMB hot and cold spots caused by the gravitational pull of massive galaxies or the galaxy clusters. To eliminate the noise in the CMB the authors used a stacking technique, averaging together small images centered at the positions of known galaxies. Nearly 12,000 optically selected galaxies from the SDSS/BOSS survey have been used.

Using he CMB as the background source offers some interesting advantages, as the time and the statistical properties of the CMB’s emission are very well known. The CMB also comes to us from all directions and can be available for many more objects of interest.

Please note that Tom Allison is also featured in Physics (Synopsis, dated April 14), as the co-author of a paper on "Cavity-Enhanced Field-Free Molecular Alignment at a High Repetition Rate".


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