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2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for the dicovery of neutrino oscillations  
This year's Nobel Prize was awared to Takaaki Kajita, Super-Kamiokande Collaboration, U. of Tokyo, Japan and Art McDonald, SNO collaboration, Queen’s University, Canada for the discovery of neutrino oscillations.

Prof. Kajita was one of the leaders of the Super-Kamiokande Collaboration that constructed the maginificent 50-kton Super-Kamiokande water Cherenkov detector. The experiment discovered "Oscillation of Atmospheric Neutrinos" in 1998 that had far reaching impact on the particle physics. The discovery is the only experimental evidence in laboratory venue for physics beyond the Standard Model today.

The Stony Brook Nucleon decay and Neutrino (NN) group established by Prof. Chang Kee Jung participated in the Super-Kamiokande experiment since 1991 from the beginning of the experiment. The group contributed significantly to the experiment by being a part of the team that constructed detector and analyzed the atmospheric neutrino data. The orignal members of the NN group include, Prof. Clark McGrew and Prof. Chiaki Yanagisawa, and many postdocs and graduate students. The current Super-Kamiokande members from the NN group include Prof. Michael Wilking.

The Stony Brook NN group also played a leading role in the K2K experiment, the first long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment that confirmed the neutrino oscillation observed by the Super-Kamiokande experiment and the T2K experiment that discovered electron neutrino appearance from a muon neutrino beam in 2013.


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