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Light Source Researcher, Prof. Tom Allison Receives DOE Early Career Grant  

Supporting cutting-edge research that could impact solar energy technologies, the Department of Energy has granted a prestigious Early Career Award to Stony Brook’s Thomas K. Allison. Allison, who holds a joint appointment in the Stony Brook University departments of Physics and Chemistry, was recognized for his work on developing new light sources and techniques to follow the motions of molecular systems in real-time.

Allison will receive $150,000 per year for five years for his project, entitled, "Ultrafast Dynamics of Molecules on Surfaces Studied with Time‐Resolved XUV Photoelectron Spectroscopy," which was selected by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

The Allison Research Group has developed a unique laser-based source of extreme ultraviolet light for studying these charge transfer processes, with pulse durations measured in femtosecond (1 femtosecond = 10-15 s). First, ultrashort pump pulses excite the surface the same way light from the sun would, and then ultrashort pulses of extreme ultraviolet light (XUV) are used to follow the motion of the electrons and holes at the surface. The experiments will be performed in collaboration with the research group of Prof. Michael White, who is an expert on surface science and surface photochemistry.

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