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New T2K Findings Provide Insight to Our Matter-Dominant Universe and Why We Exist  

At the 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Stony Brook University Physicist Chang Kee Jung presented new findings on behalf of the international T2K Collaboration that reveal why the universe is dominated by matter and why we exist.

Professor Jung, a leading member of the T2K Collaboration, explained how they can now demonstrate why matter and antimatter are different. He also presented the latest results of the T2K findings and explained why they are significant to theories of particle physics and Bing Bang Cosmology.

Also Nature, the International Weekly Journal of Science, reports on the T2K's recent results on the Charge-Parity (CP) violation in neutrinos that is believed to hold a key to our understanding of the matter dominant universe, presented at the ICHEP 2016 conference.

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