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2016 Ettore Majorana Gold Medal for the Discovery of Supergravity  

Distinguished Professor Peter van Nieuwenhuizen of Stony Brook's C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Department of Physics and Astronomy received the 2016 Ettore Majorana Gold Medal along with co-recipients Daniel Z. Freedman of Stanford and Sergio Ferrara of CERN for their role in the discovery of supergravity 40 years ago.

Supergravity is one of Stony Brook's greatest contributions to science. It generalized Einstein's theory of gravity by incorporating the then-novel idea of supersymmetry. The combination of these powerful ideas by Ferrara, Freedman and van Nieuwenhuizen showed that gravity may be unified with other forces in nature, and that in fact, this unification will predict as-yet unseen particles and forces between them.

From left: Prof. Zichichi (Director of the Ettore Majorana summerschool in subnuclear physics), Sergio Ferrara (CERN), Daniel Freedman (former SBU, currently Stanford), Peter van Nieuwenhuizen (SBU).


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