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Simulating QED with ultracold atoms in an optical lattice  
In the July 26, 2018 issue of Nature, the Ultracold Atomic Physics group of associate professor Dominik Schneble reports an experiment on the "Spontaneous emission of matter waves from a tunable open quantum system". They engineered a microscopic array of artificial emitters that decay by emitting single atoms (rather than single photons) into the surrounding vacuum. With their fully controllable system, Schneble's team observed behavior beyond the exponential decay usually seen in spontaneous emission, including partial backflow of emitted radiation, and the formation of an exotic bound state containing evanescent waves. The NSF-funded work creates a novel platform for studies of dissipative many-body physics and is of relevance for future applications in emergent quantum technologies.

See the Nature News and Views or the Nature paper, or read the press release by the University.


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